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Welcome to
the New Zealand Society
for Bioenergetic Analysis

We aim to provide high quality body psychotherapy to members of the public.
We presently provide a pathway for suitably qualified applicants to become Registered Psychotherapists.

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"Grounded individuals are connected to the earth and the natural environment, to their body and its feelings, and to their loved ones and fellow creatures. Literally the earth is the source and the support for our being.
And our body is our home.

Alexander Lowen. Honoring the Body.

BA Logo Koru greyThe pattern on the following page headers is a stylized Maori ‘kowhaiwhai’ based on the koru, the unfolding fern frond. A similar symbol is embedded in logos of both the International Institute and the New Zealand Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.  It is through this symbol of the expanding life force that we as Bioenergetic Psychotherapists acknowledge the spiritual relationship the Maori people established with the land. And it is through the Treaty of Waitangi that we ground ourselves in Aotearoa New Zealand.


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